Crisp mornings and early sunsets can only mean one thing – Fall is officially here!

Although it can be depressing folding away those summer dresses and polka dot bikinis, it is also that time of year that lululemons can be worn guilt free (most of the time) with over sized sweaters and riding boots! Of course, it is also that time where #psl (for those of you who are not familiar…pumpkin spiced lattes), apple picking, pumpkin patches and wagon rides are in season!

I am a huge fan of decorating accordingly to season within the household and what better way to do so for autumn than to stock up on some pumpkins! Now, for someone who is tremendously terrified of knives, carving pumpkins just seemed to be out of the question. This year I teamed up Michaels and came across Martha Stewart Crafts Metallic & Pearl Acrylic Craft Paint which was a breeze to use! I used Antique Silk for the base of the pumpkin & Champagne for the stem. This paint covers in a thick and even layer and will give you complete coverage within two thin coats! And of course, a spoon-full of glitter makes the pumpkins shimmer!

I have seen so many incredible Pumpkin DIY’s this year! What are your favorites?






o n s i t e.

Family has always been one of the most important things to me. I have been fortunate enough to have been brought up in an extremely family oriented environment. One of the most memorable things that have always stuck with me has been celebrating holidays at my aunt and uncles house in Caledon, Ontario.

Almost every few years they are living in a new house! I suppose in terms of sentimental value on their end they seem to be okay with packing up their things and moving into a new space (unlike myself, where tears streamed down my face when I had to leave home). I flew down for the weekend from Vancouver for a little getaway and I am currently still swooning over the progress of this beautiful house-to-be.

I am so impressed with all the talent and hard work my uncle puts into these homes, and I do hope that one day I can proudly say that he built a beauty of a home like this for my family.








IMG_2160 copy

IMG_2099 copy

IMG_2090IMG_2152 copy




IMG_2103 copy




L O V E .

I wanted to welcome you into my home and share with you some of my favorite Valentine’s Day finds for this year!

Let’s start off by saying how much I am LOVING Indigo’s home decor section this year.  They have the most perfect little pick me up accessories that just add an extra pop of color/design to your home.

I am a strong lover of snail mail (always have been, always will be) and with having my friends and family members away from home this year, I have a valid reason to send more cards than ever before!  Homesense has had an incredible selection this year with cards and I just could not resist picking these little guys up!

& of course with putting in a lot of time and effort with cards may come a grumbling little belly!   I mean, a girl needs a little snack once in a while am I not right? & these XO sugar cookies had my heart skipping a few extra beats!


Happy Valentine’s Day my lovelies, I hope it’s full of lots of love and goodies

Nikolina xo



IMG_2349 copy2IMG_5662

IMG_2374 copy


Escape The Ordinary


  1. Cake Stand   |   2. Decorative Pillows  |    3. Cloche   |   4. Candle   |    5. Framed Art    |   6. Slippers   |    7. Old Fashioned Glasses  |     8. Chair

I don’t know about you guys but I’m feeling extra mushy this year and with that extra mush comes with more Valentine’s Day decor!

Don’t be afraid to add a little pep in your step and add that extra splash of color within your space (yes, even if you’re living with your man).

In my opinion, February is a perfect month and excuse to add as much pink as your little heart desires!




  1. ‘Hello Darling’ Frame   |   2. Decorative Pillows   |   3. ‘Love’ Banner   |   4. Blanket     5. Candle   |   6. Swell Bottle


With Valentine’s Day being only a couple weeks away, I thought I would share with you some of my favorite February finds!

As soon as I stepped off the escalator in Indigo, my eyes did an automatic “heart eyes emoji”.  So many adorable decorative options to give your home just a little pop of LOVE!

What are your favorite Valentine’s go-to items?


Tis the Season’

Well, it’s official, #PSL are now a thing of the past (until next year that is) and Starbucks is filled with their latest holiday traveler mugs, peppermint lattes, and displaying their annual ornaments. The anticipation of the holidays are in my opinion is the BEST time of the year! Whether it’s cutting down a tree, baking delicious sweets, or having Michael Buble’s playlist on repeat for hours, I don’t know which of the following I adore more!

Though I am not exactly the biggest lover of the cold weather, the cold does encourage me to stay in and get cozy (okay, maybe not…more like…) dragging myself to each and every local HomeSense, Pottery Barn, Hobby Lobby, and Michaels, but hey, Christmas décor is a fundamental part of the holiday!







Hippity Hop

Mini Eggs have always been a weakness of mine and unfortunately, I do not think I have ever had only a handful, somehow, it always ends up with an empty bag on the coffee table and a tummy ache (completely worth it in my eyes). Of course besides the Mini Eggs, come other Easter goodies such as the décor, the pastels, fresh flowers and lastly, that feeling in the air that spring is around the corner! Thanks to Target, Indigo, Home Sense, and Hobby Lobby, I wanted to share some of my favorite Easter finds for this year!

…and yes this is the only time that it is okay to put all your eggs in one basket









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I suppose I have always had a crafty imagination.  Over the years, I have developed a strong interest towards scrapbooking and making cards.  Michaels and Indigo are my go-to stores for stocking up on supplies! I am sharing some of my favorite #indigofaves purchases and creative designs, Enjoy!