It is hard to believe that three years have past by since receiving my Bachelor’s Degree from Brock University. It is even harder for me to grasp my head around the idea that our unforgettable graduation trip to Europe marks its third anniversary today. Of course, since it is Thursday, why not dedicate this #TBT to a week in my books that made an unforgettable trip and that made memories that will last a lifetime.

I guess we will take it back to when two of my closest girlfriends were brainstorming what we should do as a celebratory trip for our graduation. Checking your typical destinations (Mexico, Cuba, Dominican Republic) became exhausting after a while, advertisements popping up on travel sites saying we could save over $300 on taxes or if we booked now or we could get a free upgrade to an Ocean View Suite, I suppose none of which interested us. Factoring in that if we were willing to spend roughly around $1500 per person, we figured, why not do a different type of trip…

Being fortunate enough to have my mom working in the airline industry we were able to save a good amount of money on flights (& yes, those of you wondering, mamabear absolutely did come along the adventure with us – I’m telling ya, she is my sidekick and without her we wouldn’t have been able to make this trip possible).

We flew into Rome, and checked into an adorable boutique hotel named Regna that was about a 5-minute walk from the Coliseum. Highly recommended to anyone looking for a reasonable place to stay in Italy. The next couple of days of course were filled with sightseeing, typical tourists (and all that walking means you can justify having gelato every night, am I not right!








After taking in all the beautiful scenery in Italy we were off to the races once again, and this time it was to catch our cruise ship!

I suppose you could consider my mom and I to be Veterans when it comes to cruising but it was a first for my two girlfriends which made everything that much more exciting (kind of like Christmas morning)!

We took a shuttle to our port which was in Civitavecchia and we sailed off on a 7-night cruise to..

Barcelona (Spain), Valencia (Spain), Palma De Mallorca (Spain), Marseilles (France) and Capri (Italy).

A lot of people do arrange tours when cruising, I definitely recommend it if you do not feel comfortable venturing out on your own in the city. We decided to do our own sightseeing (& of course, shopping).  I think cruising through the Mediterranean is a great way to explore different countries and get a feel for whether your next vacation may be one of those destinations.


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